20 Weeks + Gender Guesses

Sorry, friends. I have a confession. I've kind of become obsessed with my stomach. How is it expanding so much? Where is all the new skin coming from? When will it become obvious to strangers? How long will my clothes still fit? I have so many questions. It still feels like my regular ol' belly, except when the little one is bopping me on the inside, which is finally happening with regularity and force! Maybe that's why I'm a little obsessed. Last night I had my hand resting on my stomach as I fell asleep and I felt it from the outside for the first time. What a crazy, crazy feeling. There's a HUMAN inside my body. What?!

Suddenly, we are at the halfway mark! 20ish more weeks to goβ€”long and short all at the same time! The second trimester has been treating me very well so far. I'm not so tired and am feeling like myself, only more confident. I keep talking to women who are in their third trimesters and they all get this wistful look in their eyes when they think about the second. So, I'm trying to savour it! I have been craving ice cream like an out-of-this-world amount. I think about it almost all day. I'm not experiencing any nonsensical aversions anymore and can happily cook again, so I'm fine with having ice cream brain for a while.

Tomorrow we have our anatomy ultrasound(!) and I am so excited just to see our baby looking human and moving all its limbs. This will be Andy's first time seeing it at all, so I'm guessing it's going to be a special time. Hoping and praying that everything is good and healthy and right on track, and that he or she will cooperate so our midwife can tell us the gender later this week so we can stop calling it 'it'! I'm keeping a tally of friends' guesses and am soooo intrigued to find out which it will be. I am undecided. What do you think?

Keep growing big and strong, little one. We love you so much.