22 weeks and feeling kind of huge!

The weeks are flying by now; everything has been so busy lately and shot through with excitement. I like to plan ahead so we've already made a lot of changes to our second bedroom to get it ready for its new lodger, and it's sinking in more every time I look at myself in the mirror and feel little nudges while I'm doing dishes. We're having a BABY. Those nudges are one of my new favourite feelings in the whole world. He is a really active little guy and loves to greet us in the morning with huge bumps and kicks. He gets tired after I eat but is usually moving the rest of the day. I love feeling him bop around in there.

I can't believe we are having a BOY! I had a secret hunch that wasn't very strong, but more a niggling in the back of my mind. My whole life I pictured having a girl first, but a month or two ago I started to get the feeling that maybe what we think we want isn't always what we need or what's right or what's best for us. I think I've just had an irrational idea that since I grew up a girl, I know a little better how to raise a girl. Maybe it's fear; I don't know. Truthfully I expected to feel a tiny bit disappointed for a moment upon finding out, if it turned out to be a boy after allβ€”but all my worries were for nothing. At first I mainly just felt like laughing! He made himself super obvious at our ultrasound and it was shocking and funny in the best way. Right after I didn't feel anything but SURPRISED and so, so excited. Over the moon elated. Right after that I got a stomach virus and spent a few days in bed. At the same time he started kicking and rolling with more intensity and Andy was able to feel him kick for the first time while I was confined to bed recovering. Those moments are magic in my memories. It's really special to know a bit more about who's in there and feel like we're bonding even more in real ways. We've started thinking about names (I think we've chosen!) and picturing what he'll be like when he's here. We think he already looks pretty cute. We're enamoured.

It still feels surreal to say 'he'! Pretty much everyone we know has girls. I keep saying someone has to break the cycle with each pregnancy announcement but I've been wrong every time for years. I guess I was right thoughβ€”it was us!

I am really, really excited. I'm going to be a mama to a sweet, sensitive, silly little boyβ€”just like his daddy. Oh, I just can't wait. I never dared to think that would be me but now nothing else seems right at all.