25 Weeks

I've been pregnant for six months! Our little guy has a crib, a mountain of adorable hand-me-down onesies and a name that we use constantly. I'm positive one of us is going to accidentally spill the beans before he's born because we talk about him like he's here already, and ironically it will probably be me, the one most intent on keeping it a secret. His little appendages are starting to poke out all the time and it seems like he miiiight be starting to run out of room already with the way he karate chops me all day long and is always sticking his bum and back out. I've become preoccupied with figuring out what position he's in and what exactly is poking me. I'm not very good at it yet and Andy makes fun of me because I'm always wondering aloud where his head is. I guess I sound crazed. At our scans he has been low and head down already, but he wriggles non-stop and I guess when there's a crazy alien making waves beneath your skin maybe it's a bit natural to seriously wonder what body part is doing what specifically.

Symptom-wise, I've had little to complain about this second trimester. The last few weeks I've been waking up every morning with bad lower back pain, but it's better now that Andy is home and can massage it away. My bladder is being used as the little one's pillow so I'm constantly on the verge of peeing my pants and have to know where the bathrooms are in every public space. Compared to some of the other women in our prenatal class though, I'm living in paradise. I feel very lucky!

Last week Andy got home from his third tour in a row and we went on a mini babymoon/birthday getaway to the Sunshine Coast. We had the best time. We don't go away just the two of us very often and it was so special to hole away for two days in our little rented A-frame cabin watching movies, playing yahtzee, eating spaghetti and going for hikes. I loved it so much. Time is really flying and it feels good to make the most of our relative freedoms and nurture our connection and relationship as we prepare for so many big changes. Feeling so grateful.