I am 28 weeks now which means we're in the home stretch, little guy. I'm trying to remember and write down all the things that are changing as the weeks go by. My belly button is still half in, half out—will it ever pop? It's funny to think back only 10 weeks ago when your movements were so subtle I had to lie really still on my back to even know for sure if I was feeling them. Now I feel you all day long no matter what I'm doing, your back always wiggling right under my belly button. Your body is big and you make waves under my skin and sometimes you freak me out but mostly I love it and feel fascinated with you. You're funny already.

I'm dreaming a lot about what kind of life you'll have, and what kind of life your dad and I can provide for you. We know we won't have a lot and that feels a little scary, especially right now, but we'll always have each other, our family, and we'll always work our hardest and do our very best to provide opportunities for you to grow into an empathetic, creative and generous man.

What will you be like when you're here? I pray you are peaceful. Wide-eyed. Full of laughter and a heart for others. Sweet boy, you're already our greatest achievement and biggest joy.