Bethany and Kir met many years ago, became fast friends and are now bound together for life, due in part to their unique circumstances as "band wives" and also thanks to their shared passion for Hilary Duff movies, Mary-Kate & Ashley and Bethany's dramatic renditions of any and all songs. Kir would truly be lost without her.

Bethany is superbly easy-going, underratedly hilarious, and despite all of Kir's numerous protests, loves the Kardashians. She has the most adorable daughter Poppy who is going to grow up to be the most beautiful kid who ever lived. You heard it here first!



Elise is Andy's sister (Kir's sister-to-be!) and a legitimate tour de force. Always adventuring. Always. Hiking, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, portaging, kayaking, traversing the name it, she's done it, and does it regularly, for fun. She's had more unique experiences in her 22 years than most people have in their lives.

When she's not at university up north studying outdoor recreation, she's out in the bush for months at a time tree planting. She's a talented painter. And she's the most positive person one will ever meet.

Yep. No idea how she does it.


Lindsay is a true friend. She loves so many people, so much, all the time. It's a joy to simply be around her and let her fill up your life with laughter and ridiculous, simple fun. Lindsay loves all things space—Jupiter especially. She wants to learn how to make shoes one day. She very much appreciates a good bag of five-cent candies. She has a portrait of a tiger tattooed somewhere on her body. She sings and plays guitar and also owns a French horn which she allegedly played once upon a time. She is incredibly loyal and will never let you down. Road trips are the best with her. Bet you want her as a friend now, too, eh?


Tegan and her husband live across the street from Kir and Andy, something that has enhanced life x1000 since they moved in. Kir is eternally excited that she is now one step closer to her dream of recreating Friends in real life. Tegan shares Kir's love of good TV and is always up for a last-minute late-night binge just for the heck of it. She is always hilarious, genuinely kind, sings like an angel, hosts the best get-togethers and is in fact the sister of Ms. Lindsay up above!


As Andy's older brother, Josh sets an example for both of us that we appreciate and really hope to come close to one day. He is incredibly hardworking and honest with everything he does. Josh fulfills the classic storybook character of Older Brother, and growing up there were countless times Josh was Andy's protector, supporter, and role-model. Josh is always looking out for his family and exhibits an innate desire to help others who are in need. On top of being his brother, he is Andy's co-worker and friend to boot.

"Our hero, my brother."



Joe is Andy's cousin. He can be spotted from a mile away by his telltale red toque and excellently-bushy outdoorsman's beard. He can be strong and silent, but just as silly if you let him. Joe loves skateboarding and is good at basically everything he ever tries, ever. Most often his exceptional talents are realized behind the camera as the main cinematographer for Amazing Factory, a film company shared by Andy, Josh, Joe, and Amanda (Joe's sister and Andy/Josh's cousin). If you would like to know more about this fellow, this sentence is a pretty good summation: Joe is easily one of the most quality human beings you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing.



Simon is wise beyond his years. Truly, that is no lie. After spending a few minutes with Simon it becomes quickly apparent that he possesses a quiet assuredness that is both disarming and infectious. He is the youngest of the Huculiak siblings, yet at 17 Simon towers over all of his family members. He has a black belt in karate, is a budding filmmaker, is ridiculously smart, and unendingly loyal. He is kind, gentle and disciplined. He is a joy to know. Just so you know.



Cam — or Cameron, if you'd like — is Kir's younger brother and a real keeper. With guitar in hand, he is a talented musician with some of the sharpest technical skills you'll ever come across. Cam is one part dry British wit (in Canadian form) and the other part outlandish jokester, and if you say the right quip you might be lucky enough to hear his amazingly outrageous laugh. A good friend with a good heart — and just take Andy's word for it: where most brother-in-law friendships are obligatory, Cam and Andy voluntarily became fast friends long before Kir and Andy started dating.


David Menzel is the cream of the crop. As a bandmate and friend to Andy, husband to Bethany, and father to Poppy (he and Bethany's baby girl) he rises to the top — just like cream. He's a trailblazer, in more ways than one, always leading the pack and providing a true example of what a good, honest man looks like. David is the first to crack a sly joke that's quickly followed by his signature wide smile. David's also smooth as cream: he's easy to get along with and always thinking about others. David will be best friends with Andy until the end, there's no doubt about that.


If Cayne and Andy were women, they would be on the same cycle (if you know what I mean). For the last eight years, there's seldom been a day that Andy and Cayne aren't in contact in some way, shape, or form. On top of being in a band together (along with David), Cayne and Andy work together on film projects, various other musical endeavours, and perfecting their comedy stylings. At one point they seriously considered starting a moving company with the slogan, "Cayne and Andy will move you". Those that know Cayne laud him for his creativity, kindness, wacky sense of humour and brazenfaced demeanor. And if you don't know him, you'll like him—we can promise you that.